The objective of DIY CERT is to:

Enable CERTs to better protect their neighborhood
residents and property in times of disaster or emergency

Enable CERTs to better protect their
Team members, CERT Committee members and
POA/HOA Board members from litigation

• This website WILL NOT provide advice, direction or
guidance to CERT committees, managers or members.

• The use of any information from this website is at the
sole discretion of, and at the risk of each individual CERT.

• The information provided herein is in the public domain and its
use is without recourse of liability to this website or its author.

• This website WILL reference and provide access to
federal, state and local information in the public domain.

• This includes guidance, directives, statutes and laws
from authoritative agencies and organizations applicable
to starting, maintaining, training and operating a CERT.

Your input is critical to the successful development of this website.
Please provide any suggestions, comments, topics,
subject matter or information that you would like to
have included in the website to

The website is under development.
More references and information is being added as it evolves.
Your input as to what you would like to see in it would be appreciated.
Please send your comments or suggestions to

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D O - I T - Y O U R S E L F   C E R T
DIYCERT is an individual undertaking independent of any individual CERT or organization.
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Web Master: David Seltzer

This website was created with the kind permission and cooperation of the
Community Emergency Response Team Unit, LAFD Disaster Preparedness Section
Fire Fighter Curt Howard, CERT Instructor and Linda Underwood, Volunteer Web Master
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